Live Zoom Masterclass: 
Create a REAL 5-Figure
Info-Products Business in 60 Days!
(Even if you've never made a DIME online!)


With Michael Ullman

Michael Ullman is a 5-time Platinum Elite bestselling author and a serial entrepreneur who lectures at Johns Hopkins University and the Smithsonian Institution. He is the founder of 100k Publishing.

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It's happening on this THURSDAY (February 25th) at...

11 am PST (California) / 2:00 pm EST (New York)

"Michael clearly knows his stuff and makes everything easy to understand.

It's a pleasure hearing him teach!"

~ Kathy Kress
Full-time mom and successful 'Mom-preneur'

What You'll Learn at this Live Masterclass:

  • 1
    WHY the information-products business is the surest, easiest legitimate REAL business that ANYONE can start!
  • 2
    EXACTLY how to create your own HIGH-VALUE, IN-DEMAND info-products quicky & easily, without needing to be a 'subject matter expert' - and without even having to write anything yourself!
  • 3
    HOW you can generate a RELIABLE, scalable income in your spare time - and have the ability to create income anytime, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!
  • 4
    Plus, a free bonus: you'll receive a useful, high-value gift just for attending!

*Important Note:  due to technical restrictions with Zoom, the available spots for this Masterclass

are strictly limited! Reserve your place now and sign in to the webinar early to ensure your participation.

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