Info-Biz Blueprint: How to Start Your Own 5-Figure Info-Biz in 60 Days

What You'll Learn at this Masterclass:

During this masterclass, you'll learn what an information-products business is, and why it is the surest, easiest legitimate REAL business that ANYONE can start!

You'll learn EXACTLY how to create your own HIGH-VALUE, IN-DEMAND info-products, quickly & easily - without needing to be a 'subject matter expert', and without even having to write anything yourself!

You'll also learn how you can generate a RELIABLE, scalable income in your spare time - and have the ability to create income anytime, for the rest of your life!

PLUS - you'll receive a USEFUL, HIGH-VALUE GIFT just for attending!

Your Host: Michael Ullman

Michael Ullman is a 5-time Platinum Elite bestselling author and a serial entrepreneur who lectures at Johns Hopkins University and the Smithsonian Institution. He is the founder of 100k Publishing.

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